Welcome To Narcissus

It is my immense pleasure to convey a few words to our overseas clients, partners, and well-wishers in home and abroad. I would like to tell you that NARCISSUS is a private Company incorporated and registered in Bangladesh. NARCISSUS has obtained Manpower export License from the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment of Bangladesh in 2014.

  Since its inception, NARCISSUS is equipped with group of professional and knowledgeable management team and associated office staffs. The concerned officials of NARCISSUS are highly educated and experience in manpower recruitment and export and they have proved their level of efficiency by providing quality services to its wider Client base. From its early days of operation, NARCISSUS is exporting both skilled and semi-skilled manpower to KSA very successfully. The professional and knowledgeable office staffs of NARCISSUS are continuously providing their unfaltering attention and care to its client and business partners. Commitment and quality services for the clients and partners are the key success factors for NARCISSUS.

  As you are aware the Bangladesh is a country of opportunity for sourcing skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Manpower for labor markets of Malaysia, Middle East, EU and other developed nations who are looking for workers in some specialized labor-intensive job categories. Bangladeshi workers have already proved that they are honest, hard-working and sincere in rendering their services. They have also the ability to learn foreign languages and acquire professional skills which made them attractive for the overseas employers

  NARCISSUS is very keen to recruit right person for the right position as to deliver right services by the employees for the employer. We provide the one stop service for manpower recruitment by rendering medical service, Air ticketing, Training. During Training Session, we brief about the concerned countries culture, law values, rules, norms etc.

  I would like to extend thanks and gratitude‚Äôs to our valued clients, partners and well-wishers for trusting us and helping us to grow with them.



our valued overseas business partners